Sycamore Spring Clothier
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Sycamore Spring Clothier is a company dedicated to making accurate reconstructions of clothing from the 1700s-1870s.    

Our business travels to events across the country to sell our clothes and share the love of America's history.  These events allow people to take a step into Colonial America, walk in Jane Austen's world, or join the forces of the Civil War. We make accurate reconstructions of the clothing from all of these time periods, and hope that you will join us in bringing history to life!

Sycamore Spring Clothier is a business that was built out of the love for America's history and the fashions from time periods long forgotten.


"I started this business with the intention of making clothing as accurate as I could to the time period, using natural fabrics and authentic techniques.  My goal was to put out a product that people could see and know the items are as close to the origin as they could get."   
~ Beverly Smith, Sycamore Spring Founder


Our clothing can be purchased from our online store or
at any of the historical events that we attend.