Merrie Milliners


The Merrie Milliners pushcart is a historical performance aspect for Sycamore Spring Clothier. In the past, milliners were the purveyors of much more than hats and head coverings. Utilizing the art of the milliner, this cart is full of accessories necessary to complete an 18th century outfit. Our cart can be found at Fairs and Festivals being pushed by Mistresses Hortencia and Phaedra, contact us to inquire about where you can find them next.


The Merrie Milliners branch of Sycamore Spring was started by Jan Herrmann and Mallory Dansereau for the fun of creating the historical and the fantastical. In addition to the push cart filled with millinery treasures they create custom costumes for any and all who are interested! Visit their web page for more information.