Our Mission:

We strive to bring well-researched, finely sewn historical clothing to discerning customers who value quality, accuracy, and comfort.  Our inventory concentrates on the early years of our nations history - the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  However, clothing of any time period may be obtained with a custom order. Our ongoing research is always generating new items in our stock. 

Our Shop: 

All of our clothing is made from natural materials, pre-washed for shrinkage.  Interior seams are machine sewn, visible seams are hand sewn.  Quantities are limited, stock is always changing, and every item is one of a kind.  Contact us for available sizes, colors, and fabrics.

Our History

Beverly Smith started Sycamore Spring Clothier in November 1999, after her daughter Kelly encouraged her to start a business selling the clothing they began creating together. In 2001, Beverly's friend Kitty Tomsic joined the business as Co-Proprietress. Together Beverly and Kitty worked to build a shop that produces period accurate clothing from the 18th and 19th centuries.  All of the clothing and accessories made by Sycamore Spring Clothier uses natural materials, patterns created from original pieces, and period sewing techniques.

Beverly and Kitty were joined by Julia Sutherly in 2009. Then in 2013, Jan Herrmann was recruited by her sister Kitty. That same year Mallory Dansereau joined the group.  Today Sycamore Spring Clothier is run by First Hand Jan Herrmann, CFO Julia Sutherly, Head Researcher Kitty Tomsic, and COO Mallory Dansereau.